Actress Jiya KC doesn't lie

Nepali actress Jiya KC knowledge of sex and her experience don’t tally. Although she might have lied in words, the statements don’t lie!

She has a well defined preference on where, when and how to do it for better experience.

  • Where – Sex is better in the places where the sky is clean and you can see mountains. The places like Jomsom and Ilam can be the best places to have sex.
  • When – Sex should be done at the age of 22-24. Sex before marriage is normal these days.
  • How – You should use condom for safe sex.

Then, Jiya adds – "I have no experience of sex. I am still a virgin"

jiya kc

This is the compilation based on the report in "Saptahik" and based on the interview published in "Kamana" earlier.

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