Jharana Thapa – Shrawan month celebration

Actress Jharana Thapa is also a religious person who enjoys the celebration of Shrawan month. Jharana loves green bangles and mehandi worn in the month. Read Jharana’s take of the month in her own words:


jharana thapa shrawan - red and green dress

May be because I am a religious person, Shrawan months is special to me. In my childhood I had seen my mother and grandmother wearing green bangles, yello beads and red / green dresses and worshiping lord Shiva. I had been impressed and attracted to wearing such things. In this month one can usually find me wearing such dresses.

I can’t fast because of gastric problem but, I don’t eat non-vegetarian dishes throughout the month. I get happiness from small things so, wearing mehandi, green dress and yellow dresses are special for me.


I think, the new generation should also be motivated to follow the tradition. I am also focusing on it.

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