Sabina Karki romances with the producer in Friday release, One Side Love

The first new movie to release after the earthquake of Baisakh, ‘One Side Love’ features two hot actresses – Sabina Karki and Binita Ghimire. Sabina Karki is the ‘ATM’ famed actress who was highly criticized for her vulgar role in the movie. Binita Ghimire has also been featured in hot photo-shots and controversial statements in interviews.

sabina karki in one side love 2

Based on the photos shared by the producer, the movie also features the actresses in hot roles. Like many movies in Nepali film industry, ‘One Side Love’ also features the producer in the leading role. The producer, Kapil Khatri, is featured in leading role and is featured in hot romance scenes with the actress in the movie.

Question arise: has the producer Kapil Khatri invested in the movie to romances with the actress or does he have business interest?

Have you seen the movie? Please comment if you have seen it.

sabina karki in one side love

one side love

Click here for a hot kiss scene of the actress and the producer.

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