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Last updated on September 22nd, 2015 at 02:02 am

This is the index of Nepali actress with names starting with the English letters I and J. Please click on following letters to visit the respective pages.


This list will keep on updated as we add more actress in our actress database. Actress Jal Shah lives in the USA and has left the Nepali film industry after she married there. Another actress Jharana Bajracharya might also have left the film industry after marrying a Malaysian citizen. Although she has opened the door for coming back to Nepali films, she hasn’t shown any indications of her return.

Jiya KC has also left the industry and is told to be living with actor Bhuwan KC. Jharana Thapa is still seen in some movies these days in leading roles.

jal shah jharana bajracharya

jharana thapa jiya kc

Actress profiles (links will updated after posting the profile of remaining actresses):

Jal Shah | Jharana Bajracharya | Jiya KC

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