Aanchal to share screen with Dayahang Rai in Degree Maila

Like other movies by director Rambabu Gurung, his upcoming movie is also going to feature Dayahang Rai in leading role. The movie titled, ‘Degree Maila: MA Third Class’ will feature Aanchal Sharma opposite to Rai. Aanchal signed the agreement with the film production team on September 3, 2023. It is interesting that Aanchal shared a screenshot on July 9 about her alleged statement about Dayahang Rai. Dayahang Rai also responded by saying that the statement made public by social media page was wrong and misleading.

Aanchal had previously worked with Dayahang Rai in a music video but, the feature film will be the first for the actors to be together. According to report in addition to ‘Degree Maila’ Aanchal Sharma has two more movies in pipeline. Previously Aanchal had signed to act in ‘Panchamrit’ a month earlier and another movie ‘White House’ few weeks earlier. The movie ‘Degree Maila’ is expected to release in the New Year of 2081.

The movie is special for Dayahang Rai because Dayahang Rai was the director of the theater paly by the same title at Mandala Theater ten years ago, in 2071. The movie is going to be made on the same story and idea. The story is about educated but unemployed youth and the cause of depression in youths. The movie is planned to be made in comedy genre.

The movie is being made under Basuri Films banner. In the movie in addition to Dayahang and Aanchal, Mao Tse Gurung, Bijay Baral, Buddhi Taman and Prakash Ghimire. The ‘Kabaddi’ famed production team will start the production of the fifth sequel of the superhit film after the completion of ‘Degree Maila’. Rambabu Gurung has recently completed the shooting of another movie titled ‘Rajagunj’.

Aanchal Sharma’s next movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 6’ is also going to release in the New Year of 2081.

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