Suhsma Karki performed in Dubai with Sugam Pokharel and Niru Khadka


On Friday, July 31 actress Sushma Karki, comedy actress Niru Khadka and singer Sugam Pokharel performed in Fistail concert. The concert organized in the night club of a five star hotel had limited seating capacity and modern lighting system and equipment. The dance of dancer and model Ashma Pnedy was well received by the viewers….

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Interview of Sushma Karki in UAE (July 30, 2015)


Sushma is participating in the July 31 Fishtail Concert in UAE. Before entering into acting Sushma used to work in News24 television and little modelling. Sushma lives with mom dad and two younger brothers. Sushma is originally from Bardiya but was born in Kathmandu. Incoming search terms:binisha hamal hot boobs cominterviewof susma surajyanepali top models…

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Sushma Karki in Hong Kong (photos)


Nepali actress Sushma Karki has recently gone to Hong Kong. She took the  July 13 evening flight to Hong Kong. The details of Sushma’s schedule is not known. Sushma is scheduled to participate in a cultural program in Dubai on July 31. Sushma’s earlier performance in January was controversial (read more about Sushma Karki Hong…

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Is there a requirement that Bindaas actress has a tattoo on her breast?


By the timing and the location of tattoo on Suvekshya Thapa’s tattoo we are wondering if it was the requirement of her upcoming movie. In previous two sequels of ‘Bindaas’, Sushma Karki was featured in leading role. The actress has a tattoo of a huge sun on her left breast. Now, Suvekshya has replaced Sushma…

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Sushma Karki to show her udreko choli in Dubai


For the entertainment of the Nepali community in Dubai a cultural program is planned for July 31, 2015. In the concert titled Fistail Concert 2015, actress Sushma Karki is the main attraction. Sushma will dance in the ‘Loot’ item dance ‘Udreko Choli chha hai …’ A presentation of Sai Event, artists participating in the Fistail…

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Should Sushma Karki go back to her hot image?


At the end of last year, hot actress and model Sushma Karki had announced that she won’t be doing hot movies anymore. That might be good to hear but, the announcement has proven to be dropping the axe on her own feet, based on the image she had made in the film industry. As ‘Bindaas…

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Dubsmash app and Nepali actresses – Priyanka and Sushma Karki (videos)


It is no surprise that actresses like to act and we believe that is the reason an app called has been quite popular among actresses. The app lets one to act on a dialogue or song of choice. Thousands of videos are made and posted in social networking sites. We have collected some such…

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Sushma Karki admits, hot films ruined her career


To know more about Sushma, read the Profile of Sushma Karki. Previously it was her boyfriend whom she accused of ruining her career, now they are the hot movies they had done recently. In an interview published in Kantipur, actress Sushma Karki has accused the bad choices she had made in choosing her movies. Soon…

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Actress Sushma Karki performed hot dance in Hong Kong


In a New Year program held on January 9, 2015 actress Sushma Karki performed hot dance for the Hong Kong audience. The show organized by Daniel Employment Agency was targeted to the people of Indian origin. In the program held in a restaurant, Sushma had danced in five different Hindi songs. According to a journalist…

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Sagun Shahi danced when Sushma Karki didn’t show up


Model and actress Sagun Shahi agreed to do the item song of Raju Giri‘s upcoming movie ‘Tiger, The Real Hero’ when the item girl Sushma Karki failed to show up on schedule. On Saturday, when Sushma Karki didn’t come to the location and she couldn’t be contacted in phone, the director was in a huge…

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