Tragic love stories of new-age actresses

We are talking about the tragic love stories of few new age actresses. Although love and tragedy are very common things and it’s not easy keeping track of every affairs in the industry. But, it does make sense to talk about the breakage of some relationships that seemed to last forever.


UPDATE: Video report:

Neeta Dhungana

Actress Neeta Dhungna has broken up with her boyfriend Amesh Bhandari. Amesh and Neeta were featured together in ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai’. The movie failed to fulfill the expectation of the viewers. Right after the release and the failure of the movie, Neeta and Amesh were not seen together. Neeta and Amesh confirmed that the rumor was true in July of 2016. There was a cover story about them in ‘Saptahik’ too.

neeta and amesh break up saptahik cover story


Malina Joshi

There are rumours of breakup of Malina Joshi and her boyfriend Anup Bikram Shahi. The rumour started when Malina went to the USA. She returned back to Nepal and went to her hometown Dharan in Dashain. Neither Malina nor Anup Bikram shared photos of them together upon Malina’s arrival. They had publicly announced the affair and Anup had also made a tattoo of Malina’s name on his body and Malina had announced she would be getting married soon in early 2014. It seems, the marriage plan didn’t go as planned.

malina joshi sexy and serious

Reecha Sharma

richa sharma looks

We wrote about the breakage of relationship between Reecha Sharma and Vinay Shrestha. The failure of the movie ‘Visa Girl’ is cited to be the reason behind the problem. The relationship between the two had been a very long affair and many have expressed their surprise on the sudden problem in their relationship. After breakage with Reecha Sharma Vinay was linked with Reema Bishowkarma.

Nisha Adhikari

Another new age actress Nisha Adhikari‘s affair with director and producer son Nirak Poudel also didn’t last long. Nirak has married and settled with another woman and Nisha is struggling to establish herself in the industry.

update: Nisha is having an affair with cricketer Sharad Veshwakar.
Update 2: There is a rumor of the breakup of Nisha and Sharad as she flies to the USA on June 13.


Namrata Shrestha

The affair between actress Namrata Shrestha and actor Raymondas Shrestha ended when the sex video of the actress was released. Namrata has however found Prem Ghale as her new sweetheart.

Update – The affair between Namrata and Prem also went through a sour times. After a lengthy break-up, there are unconfirmed reports that they have come together again.

Update – The patch up report seems to be untrue. But according to xnepali, Namrata have found a new boyfriend.

namrata prem ghale

Binita Baral

UPDATE – Binita Baral has confirmed that she has broken up with Nirajan Pandey. She told that she is single now.

Actress Binita Baral had also announced that her 4-years-long love affair had ended after the release of her second movie. Nothing much is known about the person except that, he is a businessman in Australia.

Update – Binita has also revealed the identity of her current boyfriend being ‘Superhit’ movie director, Nirajan Pandey.

Susham Karki

Another celebrity tragedy was of Sushma Karki and director Sudarshan Shrestha. Sushma has now found a new boyfriend, Naren Shrestha, with whom she has been making numerous scandals in shooting sets.

Update – Sushma and Naren have already broken-up twice. The first break-up only lasted about six months and Sushma says that the second break-up will be permanent. She also accused Naren of ruining her career.


Rekha Thapa

When actress Rekha Thapa divorced, there were various speculations who she will choose to be her next husband. The most unlikely person to be her boyfriend was Sudarshan Gautam, the dare-devil no-hands record holder whom she debuted in ‘Himmatwali’. The affair between the two lasted about a year. In the mean time Sudarshan also divorced and they were planning to get married. But, there have been indication that their relationship has ended.

Reema BK

Although Reema had never admitted the relationship with Amir Sheakh, there are rumors that they have broken up. Reema had once told that she would prefer to remain single than fall in wrong relationship.

Poojana Pradhan

On March 26, Poojana Pradhan wrote in her Facebook profile, “Complicated relationships are also like appendicitis, they should be removed as soon as possible.” Before that, she had admitted in having a boyfriend, but hadn’t revealed the identity of the person.
poojana pradhan break up

Chhulthim Gurung

The actress who debuted in hit movie ‘November Rain’, Chhulthim Gurung had divorced singer Dhiraj Rai in 2013. A fan of the singer Dhiraj Rai, Chhulthim had met and married him. The marriage didn’t last long.

After ‘November Rain’ Chulthim had announced the retirement from acting. But, there are indications that she will be featured other movies in future.


  • Nov 2, 2015 – Malina Joshi breakup rumor added. and update on Namrata Shrestha’s new boyfriend.
  • June 15, 2015 – Nisha Adhikari breakup rumor added.
  • April 21, 2015 – Poojana Pradhan breakup report added.
  • March 12, 2015 – Rekha Thapa and Sudarshan Gautam break-up. Update on the relationship of all of the actresses.
  • April 13, 2015 – Chhulthim Gurung break up update.
  • August 2, 2016 – Neeta Dhungana break up update, Binita Baral break up update, .

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