Deepawali 2014 of Nepali actresses Karishma, Rekha and Priyanka

The festival of lights, Deepawali, is celebrated by lighting lights, drawing rangoli and worshiping Laxmi, the goddess, of wealth. The festival of colorful rangoli, lights and faces is also known for Deusi – an age old tradition of entertaining people.

Here are some photo of how our actresses celebrated the festival of lights.

Karishma Manandhar’s Deepawali

Like previous years, Karishma Manandhar lighted lights and drew a beautiful rangoli to celebrate Deepawali. Here are a couple of photos of Karishma Manandhar. (photos from Karishma’s blog)

karishma manandhar deepawali 2014 (1)


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Ashmita Kandel, Samjhi Rakha Hai actress

Actress Ashmita Kandel debuted in leading role in ‘Samjhi Rakha Hai’. The movie produced by Kabita Khakurel, the wife of the actor producer GK Sharma, featured GK in main role for the first time in a Nepali movie. The next movie of Asmita, ‘Riyaa’ is made on a psych-thriller one-sided love story. 

asmita kandel calender

Asmita got a break in Alok Newang music video while in modeling training. She was in acting training in Rajdhani Kala Kendra when Rim Bishowkarma introduced her in the first movie.

Watch ‘Samjhi Rakha Hai’ in xnepali.


  • Name – Ashmita Kandel
  • Birthplace – Kabhrepalanchowk
  • Living in – Jorpati, Kathmandu
  • Education – Masters
  • Debut – A music video of Alok Newang


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Priya Rijal, actress and dancer

Actress Priya Rijal is also a well known dancer and music video model. Starting her entertainment career as a dancer in restaurant.

priya rijal traditional dress

Although Priya couldn’t keep it up in the movie industry, is is a well known model in music videos. In addition to modeling and acting in music videos, she is also a professional dancer. She has danced in a few item dances in Bhojpuri movies.


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Swastima Khadka, Hostel Return actress

A model and actress Swastima is debuting in upcoming movie ‘Hostel Returns’. The sequel of the hit movie ‘Hostel’ is going to be made on a new story and will not repeat the actors of the original movie. Like the other movies of producer Sunil Rawal, ‘Hostel Returns’ will also feature new actors. Swastima is one of them.

Swastima Khadka

Swastima Khadka profile

  • Name – Swastima Khadka
  • Hometown – Kathmandu
  • Birthdate – July 4, 1995


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Shilpa Pokhrel says she is willing to offer Titanic scenes

In an interview the ‘Lazza’ debut actress Shilpa Pokhrel has told that she is willing to offer the Hollywood film ‘Titanic’ style scene in Nepali movie. At the same time, Shilpa was skeptical of the Nepali society willing to accept such a scene. She added, she can offer artistic nudity if the film director and cinematographer can make it an art.

shilpa pokhrel

The actress Shilpa was talking to an online magazine about Nepali movies and the limits she can go in terms of acting in movies. Shilpa added, she is pro-glamour actress who can go to any length as long as it is not vulgar.


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Sushma Karki, actress profile

Actress Sushma Karki started her entertainment career as a video jockey (VJ) in a Nepali TV channel. She also started modeling and acting in movies. She debuted as an actress in the movie ‘Meo Euta Saathi Cha’.

sushma karki - udreko choli dance

The item dance titled Udhreko Choli… in the hit movie ‘Loot‘ established her as the ‘udreko choli’ girl. After that she had danced in various stages in different courtiers in the song.

Sushma Karki profile

  • Full Name – Sushma Karki
  • Birth Place – Bardiya
  • Star Sign – Capricorn
  • Height – 5 Ft. 5 inches
  • Weight – 55 kg
  • Body structure – 37 – 27 -37 (in.)

Love life of Sushma Karki

Sushma had a long affair with director Sudarshan Thapa. After she broke up with Thapa, she found Naren Shrestha, the lead vocalist of Anuprastha band. The affair with Naren didn’t go well for long. Although Sushma jumped into living together with Naren, they broke up within one year of relationship. That wasn’t the end however. They came together again and invested together in a restaurant in Tahmel. Sushma had celebrated her birthday in the restaurant. The joint venture broke within a few months and they sold the restaurant.


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Karishma Manandhar performed in UK in a cultural program

To mark the biggest Nepali festivals Dashain and Tihar a cultural program and social meeting was held in Kent, UK. In the Dashain Tihar Party 2014 actress Karishma Manandhar, actors Dhurba Dutta and Dhiren Shakya performed for the audience.

karishma manandhar and dhurba Dutta in UK - dashain tihar 2014

The program was held at Norton Knatchbull Hall, Hythe Road, Ashford on Saturday, Oct 11 among local participants. In addition to the cultural program by the celebrities from Nepal, local talents had also performed in the program.


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Year 2014 of Namrata Shrestha sickness and recovery

Actress Namrata Shrestha was in bed this Dashain. She was bed-ridden because of typhoid. It was not the first time Namrata had typhoid this year. She was sick during the audio launch of the movie ‘November Rain’ the program and actor Aryan Sigdel had to help her to the bathroom where she threw-up.

sick namrata shrestha in november rain program

Namrata was diagnosed of typhoid and when she had problem of stone in her body, she also had to go through a surgery to remove the stone. After getting better, she had gone to Pokhara for rest.


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