Biography of Deeya Maskey, actress, dancer and model


Nepali actress Deeya Maskey (or Diya Maskey) started as a television actress. She also acted in a number of theatre plays and movies. In the beginning, her family wasn’t very supportive and wasn’t happy on her career choice. The family members asked her to choose a different profession and tried their best to stop her….

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Usha Poudel, Biography of Nepali actress (marriage video)


I am writing the biography of an actress of the past. Although, there is a possibility of her comeback, I don’t see it easy as she has married another Nepali actor in the USA, Sudhanshu Joshi on November 24, 2016 (yesterday). A beautiful actress, Usha Poudel debuted in Nepali movie ‘Karma’. But it was ‘Muna…

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Pooja Sharma bikini avatar and flood of interviews


Actress Pooja Sharma raised in popularity after the success of ‘Prem Geet’. After that, she stole the limelights by wearing provocative and revealing clothes in public function. She also posed in bikini in her Thailand tour. She also created some controversy online and created an image of self-centered actress. These days, everybody is taking her…

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Samragyee RL Shah turns 21, a look back into the year on birthday


On Friday, November 18, 2016 Samragyee RL Shah has turned 21 and celebrated her birthday with her friends and family. This year had been a very successful year of Samragyee. Her debut movie ‘Dreams’ helped Samragyee to reach the peak. She raised her fees and became one of the highest paid actress in the film…

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#FlashBack – Most controversial Nepali actress, Pooja Lama


I am starting a new section in NepaliActress – #FlashBack. In this section, I will be talking about interesting Nepali actress and interesting events in the the past. While talking about the actresses in this section, I will choose an actress such that there is at least one or some the events that happened in…

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Benisha Hamal, Biography of Kalo Pothi actress


Nepali actress Benisha Hamal started as a model in the Nepali entertainment industry in 2009. She also worked as a RJ (Radio Jockey) in Kalika Fm, and VJ (video jockey) in a number of television channels like Channel Nepal, NTV and NTV Plus. In the Nepali movie industry, Benisha debuted as an actress of Nepali…

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Bikini Photos of Pooja Sharma in Thailand


Nepali actress Pooja Sharma is currently in her Thailand tour. She has shared some bikini photos of her Phuket tour. She has also visited the James Bond Island. The island featured in a 1974 James Bond film is named James Bond Island after the release of the movie. The 20 m tall rock island is…

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Biography of Prechya Bajracharya, Jatra debut actress


A multi-talented personality, Prechya Bajracharya debuted as an atress in the November 11, 2016 release Nepali movie ‘Jatra’. The actress has established herself as a credible rap singer. An IT graduate, Prechya also likes painting, singing and lyrics writing. In addition to doing cover songs and original songs, she also does video blogs in YouTube….

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5 Nepali actress with tattoo on breast, Karishma, Sushma to Shashi Khadka


Tattoo is a new trend in Nepali movie industry. Most of the actresses in the film industry have opted to ink their bodies. The latest actresses who got the new permanent art on their body include Sweta Khadka and Poojana Pradhan. Some of the actresses have preferred the location on their chest for their tattoo….

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Samragyee RL Shah movies – coincidences of directors


The ‘Dreams’ debut actress Samragyee RL Shah has signed her third movie titled ‘Timi Sanga’. The third movie is being produced and directed by Shishir Rana. Shishir Rana had acted in a number of Nepali movie in character roles. Shishir debuted as a film producer of Priyanka Karki starrer movie ‘Mala’. He is debuting as…

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