Aryan Sigdel not interested to work with Rekha Thapa


Although Aryan Sigdel had debuted in Rekha Thapa‘s movie, they are not in good terms these days. In a report, Aryan has told, "I have no interest to work with Rekha." Aryan and Rekha had parted their ways during the screening of ‘Kasle Choryo Mero Man’. After that, they don’t talk with each other. Aryan…

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Poojana, Jharana, Karishma, Namrata earthquake relief effort


Actress Namrata Shrestha and her team has reached the place no government or any other relief agencies had reached so far. The team comprising of a doctor and relief materials, provided medical help and distributed things for immediate necessity. In the following video Namrata is talking with one of the locals. (details in xnepali) In…

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Namrata Shrestha donates blood for the first time in her life for earthquake victims


Needle nightmare and blood donation: Namrata Shrestha writes, "Needles were nightmare for me unless I visited the earthquake affected areas." After seeing the victims first hand, she could gather enough courage to face needle and donate blood for the first time in her life. After the donation she says that her "feeling was priceless!" She…

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Priyanka Karki earthquake relief volunteering


Here is the summary of the volunteer and relief work actress Priyanka Karki is doing. The information is a summary of the things Priyanka has written in her FB page. Actress Priyanka Karki has told that she got an oppurtunity to witness a lot of thing in recent time. Because of the fear of earthquake…

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Namrata Shrestha visited Sukutey to help Earthquake victims


Actress Namrata Shrestha visited Sukutey to help in the relief effort to the earthquake victims. When she reached the village, she was surprised by the way the people were rebuilding their places without complaining the government or waiting for the help to arrive. In her Facebook post, Namrata told about meeting an interesting old man…

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Priyanka Malvika and others helping Earthquake victims


Actress Priyanka Karki and others are teaming up to help earthquake victims. For those who want to donate money, Priyanka has asked to, "hold on to that cash," as the victims need more than cash at the time of emergency. Although a lot of money will be required to support the victims and rebuilding process,…

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Rekha Thapa visits earthquake victim camps


Actress Rekha Thapa and director Himgyap Lama have visited the earthquake victim camps at Sundhara, Tundikhel, Pragya Pratistan, Khulla Manch, Pashupati and Maharajjung. She had also distributed vegetables to the people taking refuge in Tundikhel. It was also the birthday of ‘Bhimdutta’ director, Himgyap Lama. On the occasion Himgyap and Rekha also visited Boudhanath Stupa…

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Nepali Actresses express concern on the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal


An earthquake of 7.9 magnitude rocked Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015. The earthquake had damaged a lot of structures including the age old Dharahara tower in the center of Kathmandu. The earthquake damaged many temples and caused landslide. Singer and choreographer Shankar BC had escaped a landslide near his shooting location. At this time…

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Sweta Khadka meets Nepali actresses in the USA


In her first USA tour, actress Sweta Khadka meets the Nepali actresses living in the USA. After the death of he husband of a month, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Sweta had been mourning for months and is trying to recover from the shock. Listen to Sweta Khadka remembering Shree Krishna in a program in USA…

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Saranga Shrestha donated hair for Locks of Love


The Nepali actress living in the USA, Saranga Shrestha, had donated her hair for the kids who need it. The Locks of Love campaign collect hair and donate the wigs made out of it to the kids who have permanently or temporarily lost their hair.  The non-profit charity, Locks of Love, makes wigs of the…

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