Sarita Lamichhane, biography of the TV serial queen


Actress Sarita Lamichane debuted in Tulsi Ghimire’s TV serial ‘Mukti’. That was after getting married to director Rishi Lamichhane at the age of 18. Sarita credits her husband Rishi for his help in her acting career. Sarita says, “My husband has positive attitude toward everything. While others discourage their wives to work in movies, my…

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Anna Sharma and Anmol KC Break up?


There was a report of the break up of Anmol KC and actress Anna Sharma a while ago. Anna was rumored to be seeing another guy. The affair between the two started at the time of the shooting of their hit movie ‘Jerryy’. After that they were seen together in the company of their parents….

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Top 5 Bhai Tika moments of Nepali actress


We have compiled the top five moments of this year’s Bhai Tika. With this post you can also refer to the Bhai Tika of Nepali actresses – another post and Deepawali of Nepali actresses. The five incidents that made to the top 5 Bhai Tika moments list are : Komal Oli’s Bhai Tika – In…

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Nepali Actress Bhai Tika 2015 (Photos)


Like every Nepali people, Nepali actresses also celebrated Bhai Tika with their brothers. In spite of the problem in the supply essentials because of Indian blockade, the celebration has mostly gone smoothly. The following video is a Deepawali celebration photo report :

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Rista Basnet hospitalized on Deepawali


In a Facebook post, actress Rista Basnet has shared a photo of her in hospital. She wrote, “And, this was my Deepawali (Laxmi puja). There’s nothing to do with your excitements and plans until your luck favors you. Prepared it, made it and finally hospitalized.” In the photos Rista shared, she is give IV through…

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Priyanka Karki and Deepa Shree in a lovely embrace


When Priyanka Karki released a photo of herself with another actress Deepa Shree Niraula tied in a closed embrace, I couldn’t help writing about them. It sure is a lovely embrace – isn’t it? After Priyanka acted in the movie Deepa Shree Niraula was a co-producer, their relationship has flourished. The relationship between two actresseses…

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Neeta Pokharel (Nitu Pokharel) Thamel Dot Com Actress


Nepali actress Neeta Pokharel or commonly known as Nitu Pokharel is a struggling actress in Nepali film industry. Nitu has been active in modeling and acting for the last 6 years. She had acted in movies like ‘Shoot’, ‘Shisha’ and ‘Flash Back’. After three movies, she had to wait for a while before she could…

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Halloween celebration of Nepali actresses


Halloween is relatively a new celebration in Nepal. Because of costumes, face paintings and partying the Western festival is bound to be popular in Nepal because of economic reasons. The restaurants, dress retailers, face painting artists and various other business would certainly love the popularity of the festival for the benefit of their business. So,…

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Richa Sharma in Dhamala ko Hamala – absurd question and Richa’s response


Richa had to write a long response to the interview she did with Rishi Dhamala in the program ‘Dhamalako Hamala’. The talk show program is designed to attack the interviewee by the notorious journalist Dhamala. In the interview Dhamala had asked Richa Sharma about her past relationship with actor Vinay Shrestha. Richa admitted that they…

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