Smita Thapaliya works as staff nurse at Norvic Hospital


The hot actress of movies like ‘Love is LIfe’, ‘Romance’, ‘Sparsha’ and others, actress Smita Thapaliya is a staff nurse by practice. She is currently working in Norvic Hospital, Thapathali. Smita had always wanted to become an actress. With that dream Smita had come to Kathmandu from Jhapa after completing her SLC. She worked to…

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Honeymoon of Reema BK canceled, money donated


The money set aside for the honeymoon by the newly married couple, Reema Bishowkarma and Robert Bishowkarma, was donated to the Film Artists Welfare Fund of the Film Development Board. Reema and Robert have donated the money when their honeymoon tour was canceled. Robert had to return back to the UK and Reema is working…

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Actresses expresses concern on India’s interference in Nepal


Nepal is currently going through tough time. Being landlocked between two countries and dependence on India for the things of daily needs have created a very tough situation to Nepal. Right after the finalization of the Constitution, India has blocked the border causing scarcity of vehicle fuel and other amenities of daily needs. Actress Nandita…

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Nisha Adhikari climbing Kilimanjaro, turning 29 on her way up


On her way to the top of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, Nisha Adhikari will turn 29 years-old. Although Nisha had told about her plan to climb the mountain a while ago in Facebook, Nisha had formally announced the journey in a press meet organized in Kathmandu on  September 27. Nisha leaves for Tanzania,…

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Reema Bishowkarma marrying a NRN on 27 September


UPDATE: A video report featuring the actress with her husband. In the video, Reema explains how she met Robert: Nepali actress and media personality Reema Bishowkarma (Reema BK) is going to marry on 27 September to a UK NRN. According to report the marriage ceremony was secretly planned to be held at hotel Hayat Regency…

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Happy Birthday Nandita KC


On September 21, actress Nandita KC celebrated her birthday with her family and children in an orphanage. It was a coincidence that the day after the country got the Constitution, Nandita celebrated her birthday. The celebration at her home was a surprise event. After celebrating birthday with her family members in the night, Nandita visited…

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Why did Rista Basnet becomes Rista Adhikari in Facebook


Actress Rista Basnet is facing a strange problem these days. It has been more than a month, Rista’s Facebook name has changed from Rista Basnet to Rista Adhikari. People has started asking if Rista has married some Adhikari guy and changed her last-name. But, that is not true. Rista had adopted her mother’s surname –…

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Harshika Shrestha back to Kathmandu for shooting and film promotion


After marrying an Indian national Prasun Jhunjhunwala, actress Harshika Shrestha has returned back to Kathmandu after spending three months in India. She has returned back to complete the movie and promote the movies releasing soon. Harshika’s movie ‘Lootera’ is releasing in Tihar and ‘Aawara’ is scheduled to release in Mangsir. Her movie ‘Cycle’ is also…

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Sushma Adhikari goes to Israel for Teej (photos)


Nepali model and actress Sushma Adhikari has reached Israel to participate in the Teej Festival celebration program. The program is scheduled to feature Sunita Dulal and Bijaya Lama with Sushma. The fund raised by the program organized by Parwat Sewa Samaj and International Artist Society will go towards the earthquake victims in Nepal. The event…

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Happy Birthday Neeta Dhungana, turns 24


The birthday of actress Neeta Dhungana is on Monday, September 14. Born in 1991, Neeta has turned 24 years old this year. After debuting in Nepali movie ‘Mitini’ seven years ago, Neeta has been a well known actress in the Nepali film industry. The success of ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ and ‘Notebook’ have helped her rank…

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