Barsha Siwakoti to lead in Khagendra movie, Pashupati Prasad


Actor of ‘Talakjung Vs Tulke’, Khagendra Lamichane is making his second movie titled, ‘Pashupati Prasad’. In a latest report, ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2′ debut actress, Barsha Siwakoti, is going to be featured opposite to Khagendra. Read the NepaliActress profile of Barsha Siwakoti.

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Sabina Karki romances with the producer in Friday release, One Side Love


The first new movie to release after the earthquake of Baisakh, ‘One Side Love’ features two hot actresses – Sabina Karki and Binita Ghimire. Sabina Karki is the ‘ATM’ famed actress who was highly criticized for her vulgar role in the movie. Binita Ghimire has also been featured in hot photo-shots and controversial statements in…

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Priyanka Karki starts communicating with her fans


In the time of social media, communicating with the fans is a lot easier. Nepali actress Priyanka Karki has taken advantage of the facilities to communicate with her fans. In 2013 Priyanka had talked to her Twitter followers . Now, she has done the same with her Instagram followers. Like in Twitter, Priyanka answered every…

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Nandita KC flies to the USA


Nepali actress Nandita KC has left Nepal to participate in the cultural programs in the USA. She is scheduled to participate in Nepal Day – 2015, an event organized by NAFCA. Three celebrities participating in the program scheduled to be held on July 3 in St. Davis are Dhiraj Rai, Himal Sagar and Nanidta KC….

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Actress Joshna Phuyal pregnant, due in August


The actress of Nepali film industry, Joshna Phuyal, has become pregnant for the second time. Joshna waited for seven years before conceiving the second child. Jhshna is scheduled for delivery on August 22 (Bhadra 5). Joshna is married to Rupak Phuyal. They have a 7-years-old daughter. Joshna and Rupak were married 10-years ago after a…

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Asar 15, Keki Adhikari tries paddy planting


Actress Binita Baral has proven herself as a farmer, by profession. She knows how to plant crops and all the things like that. That is why when Binita Baral did the photo shots in paddy field, it looked natural. But, when actress Keki Adhikari did the same, it looked like photo-shot! Here are some photos…

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Confused, Pooja, Poozana, Poojana, Pradhan, Gurung and Stri


If you can think of anybody with a confused identity, one Nepali actress is the living example – Poojana Pradhan, or Pozana Pradhan, or Pooja Gurung, or Poojana Stri, or Poozana Stri and so on. A recent message in Poojana’s Facebook account reminded me of this 2012 article about the story of Poojana Stri, Poojana…

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Binita Baral in Asar 15, actresses get dirty in paddy field


The festival of paddy planting and mud-holi, Ashad 15 (or Asar 15) is on Tuesday.  In the festival, farmers plant paddy plants and have fun in the mud. These days, Ashad 15 has become a photo-op for the celebrities, especially the actress and models. Actress Binita Baral has been involved in agriculture for the last…

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