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This is the index of Nepali actress with names starting with the English letters ‘S’. Please click on following letters to visit the respective pages.



The list of actress will be updated as required. Click on the image of the actress to view all the posts in related to the actress.

sabina karki sajja mainali

sampada baniya sima kc

simpal khanal suvechya thapa

sashi khadka shovita simkhada

saranga-shrestha sanchita luitel

sirjana basnet sirjana subba

surabhi bista sumina ghimire

sushila rayamajhi sushmita kc

sweta khadka sweta bhattarai

sushma karkisweta lamichane

Actress Profile (links will be updated after profiles of individual actress is posted):

  • Actress profile of Sabina Karki
  • Actress profile of Samana Sitaula
  • Actress profile of Sanchita Luitel
  • Actress profile of Saranga Shrestha
  • Actress profile of Sashi Khadka
  • Actress profile of Shovita Simkhada
  • Actress profile of Shreya Karki
  • Actress profile of Shuvechcha Thapa
  • Actress profile of Simpal Khanal
  • Actress profile of Sirjana Basnet
  • Actress profile of Sirjana Subba
  • Actress profile of Sonu Tharu (Tharu movie actress and producer)
  • Actress profile of Sumina Ghimire
  • Actress profile of Surabhi Bista
  • Actress profile of Sushma Karki
  • Actress profile of Sweta Khadka
  • Actress profile of Sweta Lamichhane

For future Updates:
Sipora Gurung profile
Sushma Adhikari profile
Sarika Ghimire profile
Surabina Karki profile
Sagun Shahi profile
Shilpa Pokharel profile
Sushma Karki profile
Swastima Khadka profile

Update notes:
– Updated on October 9, 2014 – to add link to the profiles of actresses Shilpa Pokharel, Sagun Shahi, Sweta Khadka and Surabina Karki.
– Update October 12, 2014 – Sushma Karki’s profile.
– Update on October 17, 2014 – Swastima Khadka profile

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