Mothers of Nepali actresses

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Actresses are beautiful and are always featured in media. We get to see them, fantasize about them and appreciate their talent but, we usually forget about the person who gave birth to them. To honor the great personality who have given birth to the artists we enjoy in the screen, this post is dedicated to them.

Following video talks about some of the actresses who have shared the photos of their mothers in social networking sites. The actresses like Rekha Thapa and Priyanka Karki regularly share the photos of their mothers. Rekha lives with her mother and she even joins her daughter in her foreign tours. Priyanka also loves to share her mother’s photos in Facebook and other social networking sites. Other actresses mentioned in the video include Rajani KC, Surabina Karki, Saranga Shrestha, Gauri Malla, Nandita KC and others.

In addition to the photos hared in the video above, we have more photos of the mothers of other actresses.

Mother of actress Nisha Adhikari – Nisha Shared this photos with her parents at the airport on October 14, 2015.

nisha adhikari with her mother and father

Actress Smita Thapaliya‘s mom (and her sister Siya Thapaliya):

smita thapaliy with siya and mom

Actress Rista Basnet‘s mother is an actress herself. Rista’s mother Bipana Basnet is popular for her role as the fake Hisila Yami in comedy serial.

rista basnet and bipana basnet

‘Jerry’ actress Anna Sharma’s mother is also a well known personality in the entertainment industry. Here is a photo of Anna Sharma with her mother (now, don’t ask which one is the mother Smile)

aana sharma with her mother

Arunima Lamsal’s mother is also an actress – Bhabu Lamsal (Radha Lamsal):

arunima lamsal with her parents and daughter

UPDATE (November 24, 2015)
Mother of actress Sarita Lamichhane (Sarita Lamichhane biography is also posted):

Mother of Sarita Lamichhane

UPDATE (November 24, 2015) Mother of Ashma DC : Today is Ashma’s mother’s birthday. Happy birthday to the mom of the beautiful actress.

ashma dc with her mother

Malina Joshi with her mother:

malina joshi with mother

Richa Sharma with her mother:
richa sharma mother

Jiya KC Mother:

jiya kc mother

Barsha Raut mother:

barsha raut with mother

Samragyee RL Shah monther

‘Dreams’ actress Samragyee RL Shah’s mother is Neha RL Shah. Samragyee is a royal descendent actress. Neha has also sung some songs. Here is a photo of the mother and the daughter:

samragyee rl shah and mom neha rl shah

A video report on some unknown facts about Samragyee:

We will update this post with more photos of mothers. Stay tuned.

June 2, 2016 – Mother of Jiya KC and mother of Barsha Raut
August 4, 2016 – Mother of Samragyee RL Shah added.

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