Nepali Actresses Facebook profiles (real ones NOT fakes)

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Fake accounts of celebrities in Facebook is very common and it is very difficult to identify the real account of the celebrity. We are trying to identify the real accounts of Nepali actresses and give the link to the account here.

So far, following actresses are included in the list, more will be added in coming days:

Arunima Lamsal

Facebook profile of Arunima Lamsal

arunima lamsal FB
All posts of Arunima Lamsal

Ashishma Nakarmi

Facebook profile of Ashishma
ashishma nakarmi fb
All the posts of Ashishma Nakarmi in Nepaliactress.

Beenita Ghimire

Facebook profile of Beenita
beenita ghimire fb
NA profile of Beenita Ghimire and all the posts related to Beenita Ghimire in Nepaliactress.

Benisha Hamal

Profile of Benisha Hamal and all the posts related to Benisha Hamal

  • Facebook Profile –
  • Facebook Fan page –

benisha hamal

Binita Baral

NA profile of Binita Baral and all the posts related to Binita Baral in Nepaliactress.

binita baral - facebook page

Deepa Shree Niraula

Deepa’s Facebook profile and all the posts related to actress Deepa Shree Niraula. Deepa’s NA profile is being written.
deepa shree niraula fb profile

Deepsikha Khadka

Click here for the Facebook profile of Deepsikha Khadka. All posts related to Deepsikha Khadka are available here.
deepsikha khadka facebook

Garima Pant

Facebook Profile – Facebook page of Garima Pant.

Read all the posts related to Garima Pant.
garima pant - fb

Gauri Malla

All the posts related to Gauri Malla
Facebook Profile –
gauri malla facebook

Harshika Shrestha

The actress Harshika Shrestha has recently married an Indian businessman.

harshika shrestha-profile

jal shah facebook

Jharana Bajracharya

Miss Nepal 1997 Jharana Bajracharya is a well known model and actress. She has recently married a Malaysian businessman and has moved with her husband.


Jharana Thapa

Actress Jharana Thapa has married film producer Sunil Kumar Thapa. Apart from acting, Jharana also produces movie.s

jharana thapa facebook profile

Karishma Manandhar

Actress Karishma Manandhar is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the Nepali film industry.


Keki Adhikari

Actress Keki Adhikari is a well known music video model and dancer. She has also won heart of the viewers of big screen movies by her acting talent.


Namrata Jha
Facebook profile of Namraja Jha.

namrata jha

Namrata Sapkota

Namrata Shrestha

namrata shrestha fb profile

Nandita KC

Neeta Dhungana

  • Facebook profile –

neeta dhungana facebook profile

Nisha Adhikari

Nisha’s Facebook page is less than a month old at the time of this writing.

nisha facebook profile

Priyanka Karki

priyanka karki facebook profile

Poojana Stri (Poojana Pradhan)

poojana pradhan - facebook

Rajani KC

  • Facebook profile –

Reema Bishowkarma (Reema BK)


Rekha Thapa

rekha thapa - facebook profile

Richa Ghimire

richa ghimire facebook profile

Richa Sharma

  • Facebook profile –

Rejina Upreti

Saranga Shrestha

saranga shrestha facebook

Sashi Khadka

sashi khadka facebook

Sikha Shahi (Dipsikha Shahi Thakuri) – Facebook profile of Sikha

Simpal Khanal

simpal khanal

Surabhi Jain


Sushma Karki

sushma_karki facebook profile

Suhama Adhikari

Facebook profile of Sushma Adhikari

Sushmita KC (Bomzon)

susmita kc (bomjom) facebook

Sweta Bhattarai – Facebook Profile

sweta bhattarai fb profile

Sweta Khaka (most probable)
Facebook Page of Shweta Khadka.
Facebook profile of Shweta Khadka

Usha Rajak – Facebook profile
usha rajak

Actresses who don’t have a Facebook account

Please note

  • The names are in alphabetical order (manually sorted)
  • we try to contact the actress to ask if the account is real or not. That way, we can determine if the account is fake or real. Your suggestion and help in this regard will be greatly appreciated. Please comment if we have made mistake so that we can correct it as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • The profile images are only for illustration purpose. They get changed often when the actresses change their profile image and banner images.
  • Some of the pages or profiles might not be working at times when the page or profiles are temporarily disabled by the actress (or, they could also be permanently deleted.) Please tell us in comment when some link is not working or looks like it’s fake. We will take proper action to resolve the issue.
  • This list will be changed from time to time. The change details will be posted below.

Posted on – February 1, 2013

Updated on

  • April 3, 2014 – Added links to profiles to Nandita KC
  • Feb 27 – Added links to profiles to Richa Sharma and Deepa Shree Niraula
  • Feb 2 – Added links of Gauri Malla, Jharana Thapa, Sushmita KC, Saranga Shrestha, Namrata and others
  • Feb 3 – Added link to Poojana Stri, Simpal Khanal FB page
  • Feb 6 – Added link to Priyanka Karki FB page
  • Feb 9 – Added link to Rejina Upreti FB page
  • March 1 – Added link to Usha Rajak and Sikha Shahi FB page
  • June 14 – Added link to Namrata Shrestha FB page
  • June 24 – Added link to Priyanka Karki’s Fan Page
  • July 4 – Added link to Surabhi Jain’s Page
  • July 9 – Added link to Jharana Bajracharya’s Facebook page
  • August 10- Added link to Sashi Khadka, Namrata Jha, Garima Pant and Dipsikha Khadka’s Facebook page
  • Nov. 27 – Added links to Ashishma Nakarmi, Benisha Hamal, Beenita Ghimire, Rajani KC and updated profile page link of Binita Baral
  • April 25, 2015 – Added links to Neeta Dhungana profile
  • September 24, 2015 – Added Sweta Khadka, Sushma Adhikari profiles

To be updated :
Sagun Shahi – (page)
Shilpa Pokharel –
Rista Basnet –
Bipana Basnet –
Karishma Shrestha –

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