Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Miss Nepal 2018 marrying Kantipur CEO on Mangsir 28

Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada is marrying her boyfriend Sambhav Sirhohiya on Mangsir 28, 2080 in a ceremony held in Hyatt Hotel in Kathmandu. Khaitwada and Sirohiya had been together for the last one year. Shrinkhala had confirmed the relationship a couple of months ago in a status post in social media, Instagram. With the video featuring photos and video clips of the couple’s moments together, she had written a long statement about how she feels towards her boyfriend.

She had written, “Let me fail at trying to express how I have felt with you this past year. ‘Fail’ cause I know I won’t ever do justice to the plethora of emotions I have felt.. I feel with you.”

Shrinkhala wrote the letter to her boyfriend, “You see, I’ve been a hopeless romantic all my life. I have at least 20 different accounts of trying to answer “what love is” in my personal diary; since I was as young as 11 years old. Now it feels like I hadn’t found the meaning until I’d met you.”

Explaining how she was feeling about the romance – “It’s like everything they show you in the movies, books and songs. It’s like every flower blooms for you, every love song is written for you, all the rivers- they flow for you. It’s when your heart suddenly feels so much at peace knowing that it’s seen and heard; it blooms and overflows with so much love knowing that it’s taken care of, loved, and respected. You are more confident when you know he looks forward to hearing every detail about your day everyday, when he is so generous with compliments and looks at you as if you are the most beautiful person in the whole world Eyes, you see, they never lie and you have the kindest eyes in the whole world. It’s true when people say “you just know when you know”. I am so happy to share our love with my virtual family. Oh it has been so hard to contain it this past year.”

Addressing her followers in the social media, she had wrote, “Hi! We are Sambhav and Shrinkhala Our middle name is Hopeless-Romantic and it has taken a lot of courage out of two super-introverts to share our love in public. But it was about time we shared.”

According to reports, the reception party of the marriage is scheduled to be held on Poush 1. More details of the marriage is yet to be unveiled.

Sambhav Shirohiya is the elder son of the owner of the Kantipur media group, Kailash Sirohiya. He was recently appointed the CEO of the media group that publishes Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post dailies, runs Kantipur TV and Radio Kantipur among others. Shrinkhala’s parents are politicians. Her father Birodh Khatiwada is ex-Minister and the member of parliament. Her mother Munu Sigdel is a member of state parliament. After winning Miss Nepal 2018, Shrinkhala represented Nepal in Miss World 2018. She won two prestigious titles and was one of the Top 12 in the beauty contest.

It is interesting that, both Shrinkhala’s elder brother and Sambhav’s younger brother are also engaged to their respective girlfriends and are scheduled to get married soon.

Shrinkhala shared the news in her social media on November 25, 2023 – “My brother got engaged to the most beautiful woman yesterday! Lost for words cause I’m so overwhelmed with feelings.”

In the status he wrote addressing her elder brother, “Dai, I’ve seen you at many phases and faces of life but you are the happiest, the most motivated and at peace when you are with Chhotu. I look up to a love like yours, that finds its moments in everyday victories of supporting each other in a foreign land, in sharing bills and household chores, in sticking together through all the thicks and thins. I look up to how you have amalgamated into a better version of each other together. I celebrate you both today and everyday. Dai, I wish you nothing but love and happiness cause a man as beautiful and wonderful as you deserves every beauty that the world has to offer!”

A report of Sambhav’s brother’s engagement, and Shrinkhala’s participation in the event:

Shrinkhala’s announcement of her relationship:

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