Neeta Dhungana lost her father two weeks before Father’s Day

The father’s day in Nepal falls on September 14. Less than two weeks before the day, actress Neeta Dhungana has lost her father. Sharing the news in social media, Neeta has shared her father Som Prasad Dhungana’s photo and the news about the loss on September 2.

Last year, Neeta had shared video of her father cutting cake on the Father’s Day. On that day, she had told, “I was lucky to celebrate the Father’s Day. I wish I could celebrate the festival for more years to come.” Neeta got married to Harihar Adhikari last year. A year before that, Harihar had also lost his father.

Harihar and Neeta have teamed up to produce their home production film ‘Hraswo Dirgha”. The shooting of most of the parts of the film has been complete and remaining shooting is expected to be done after Dashain.

This is the last photo Neeta had shared in her social media:

After Neeta’s mother’s death in 2013, her father was the sole parent for the last 10 years. Neeta Dhungana is one of the six sons and daughters of her parents. Neeta is the youngest of among 4 sisters but older than one of her brothers. Neeta’s father was 79 years old at the time of his death. I wrote about the time Neeta’s mother died during the shooting of her movie ‘Dabab’. Despite the sad incident, she had continued the shooting of the movie.

We wish Som Prasad Dhungana rest in peace. Condolence to Neeta Dhungana and her family.

A file photo of 2016 featuring Neeta’s father with his children – 4 daughters and 2 sons:

Neet’s last year’s Father’s Day video:

She had also shared a Dashain Photo of Neeta and Harihar taking tika from Som Prasad Dhungana:

2022 video of Neeta and her father:

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