Neeta Dhungana talks about her affair and marriage plans (video)


It is no secret that actress Neeta Dhungana is seeing her co-artist Amesh Bhandari for some time. In an interview, Neeta has revealed that the affair had been going on for the last three years. During the shooting of the movie ‘Ta Ma ra U’ Neeta and Amesh acted as if they don’t know each…

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Neeta Dhungana, Jharana Thapa and Garima Pant inaugurate a fashion boutique


In addition to acting and promoting their movies, Nepali actresses are also actively participating in various other activates. Three popular actresses, Neeta Dhungana, Jharana Thapa and Garima Pant, were recently in KL Towers to inaugurate a fashion boutique. In addition to cutting the ribbon, the actresses also lighted candles for the success of the business….

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Neeta Dhungana, the Gala Ratai girl


Actress Neeta Dhungana debuted as a child artist in a ‘Mitini’ but, she never thought of being a ‘real’ actress. Before that, at the age of six, Neeta acted in a TV serial named ‘Chetana’. When she started acting as an adult, she became very busy pretty fast. Her roles in movies like ‘Masan’ and…

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Boyfriends of Nepali Actresses


Actresses often change their boyfriends, so this post might need to be updated more often than another post listing husbands of Nepali actresses. The post on the husbands is updated when actresses marry or divorce their spouse. Expect more edits in this post about boyfriends. Some of these relationships are declared and others are rumored….

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Neeta Dhungana deeply in love with Amesh, planning to get married soon


Actress Neeta Dhungana has announced her affair with her co-star in Dinesh DC’s upcoming movie ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timlai’, Amesh Bhandari. In another interview, Neeta also told that she is planning to get married in a couple of years. Neeta also told that Amesh and Neeta’s families had been close to each other and she…

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Happy Birthday Neeta Dhungana


It is birthday of actress Neeta Dhungana. Last year Neeta had celebrated her birthday in an orphanage. The details of her celebration plans are yet to be known. Last year had been a very productive for the actress. The beautiful actress was appreciated for her role in supershit movie ‘Chha Ekan Chha‘. She also won…

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Neeta Dhungana wins best actress award for a supporting role, Rekha Thapa didn’t show up


In most of the film awards leading actresses win ‘Best Actress Award’ and there is a separate categories for the supporting actresses – Best Actress in Supporting role. In the National Awards handed over by the President on Monday, there was on awards for the supporting actors and hence, Neeta Dhungana got an award –…

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Rekha, Priyanka, Keki, Neeta and Jharana nominated for Box Office Film Award

The nomination for upcoming National Box Office Film Award, 2014 is released. In this year’s nomination, majority of the nomination are for new actresses. The well established actresses Rekha Thapa and Jharana Thapa are also in the top 5 list of nomination. In addition to being nominated in top 5 actress, Rekha was also nominated…

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Neeta Dhungana shooting ‘Ta Ma ra U’ at Muktinath

Actress Neeta Dhungana and the shooting team of ‘Ta Ma ra U’ were at Muktinath during Shivaratri. They were there for the shooting. Following are the photos shared by Neeta from the area. Neeta and the team seem to be enjoying the natural beauty, snow and the fun. Incoming search terms:xxvideonepalipooja joshi tv actresspriyanka karki…

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Richa Sharma, Prapti Ghimire, Jharana Thapa win NEFTA award

In the award ceremony held in Malaysia, actress Richa Sharma was awarded the best actress award for her role in the movie ‘Mero Love Story’. Jharana Thapa was awarded the best actor in negative role award for her role in the movie ‘Facebook’. Actress Prapti Ghimire was awarded the best newcomer actress for her role…

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