Childhood photos of Nepali Actresses


The following video is prepared by Anand Nepal for Although there are childhood photos of a couple of actors like Rajesh Hamal and Deepak Raj Giri, all other childhood photos are that of actresses. Watch the video to see the childhood photos of Nepali actresses including Jal Shah, Manisha Koirala, Jharana Thapa, Jharana Bajracharya,…

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Where is Neeta Dhungana?


A while ago actress Neeta Dhungana was very busy in movies and music videos. But, these days, very little is heard of Neeta. It seems Neeta has got busier in household duties. Neeta has been away from the entertainment sector after she announced her her love affair with Amesh Bhandari. It is rumored that they…

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Actresses expresses concern on India’s interference in Nepal


Nepal is currently going through tough time. Being landlocked between two countries and dependence on India for the things of daily needs have created a very tough situation to Nepal. Right after the finalization of the Constitution, India has blocked the border causing scarcity of vehicle fuel and other amenities of daily needs. Actress Nandita…

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Happy Birthday Neeta Dhungana, turns 24


The birthday of actress Neeta Dhungana is on Monday, September 14. Born in 1991, Neeta has turned 24 years old this year. After debuting in Nepali movie ‘Mitini’ seven years ago, Neeta has been a well known actress in the Nepali film industry. The success of ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ and ‘Notebook’ have helped her rank…

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Neeta Dhungana hat trick in Dinesh DC movie


Actress Neeta Dhungana has recently signed her third movie with director Dinesh DC. According to reports, Dinesh DC is making a movie on the hardship of children to cross Trishuli river to go to school titled ‘Jyamire’. The art movie targeted to participate in various film festivals, will be a different artistic avenue for both…

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Nepali Actresses express concern on the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal


An earthquake of 7.9 magnitude rocked Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015. The earthquake had damaged a lot of structures including the age old Dharahara tower in the center of Kathmandu. The earthquake damaged many temples and caused landslide. Singer and choreographer Shankar BC had escaped a landslide near his shooting location. At this time…

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Adhakatti music launch, nine actresses unveiled the album


If it were Ashishma Nakarmi, Rista Basnet and Namrata Shrestha who unveiled the music of upcoming movie ‘Adhakatti’, it would have been normal. But, in the event held on April 20, nine actresses who were not the part of the movie jointly released the music album of the movie. Eight of the nine actresses, Karishma…

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Neeta Dhungana talks about her affair and marriage plans (video)


It is no secret that actress Neeta Dhungana is seeing her co-artist Amesh Bhandari for some time. In an interview, Neeta has revealed that the affair had been going on for the last three years. During the shooting of the movie ‘Ta Ma ra U’ Neeta and Amesh acted as if they don’t know each…

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Neeta Dhungana, Jharana Thapa and Garima Pant inaugurate a fashion boutique


In addition to acting and promoting their movies, Nepali actresses are also actively participating in various other activates. Three popular actresses, Neeta Dhungana, Jharana Thapa and Garima Pant, were recently in KL Towers to inaugurate a fashion boutique. In addition to cutting the ribbon, the actresses also lighted candles for the success of the business….

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Neeta Dhungana Biography, the Gala Ratai girl


Actress Neeta Dhungana debuted as a child artist in a ‘Mitini’ but, she never thought of being a ‘real’ actress. Before that, at the age of six, Neeta acted in a TV serial named ‘Chetana’. When she started acting as an adult, she became very busy pretty fast. Her roles in movies like ‘Masan’ and…

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