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Last updated on April 19th, 2016 at 11:09 pm

This is the index of Nepali actress with names starting with the English letters ‘P, Q’. Please click on following letters to visit the respective pages.


This list will be updated as we add more actress in our actress database. Click on the actress icon to read all the posts related to the actress.

priyanka karki name

paru gautam name

pooja sharma name

pratima rasaili name

priya rijal name

The posts tagged:

Palpasa Dangol | Payal Thapa | Peshla Katuwal | Poojana Pradhan | Priyanka Karki  |Pooja Lama | Prapti Ghimire | Priya Rijal | Pratima Rasaili | Pooja Sharma | Pooja Chand

Actress profiles (The links will be updated when profiles of the individual actress is updated in the site.)

  • Actress profile of Palpasa Dangol
  • Actress profile of Payal Thapa
  • Actress profile of Peshla Katwal
  • Actress profile of Pooja Lama
  • Actress profile of Poojana Stri (Poojana Pradhan)
  • Actress profile of Priyanka Karki
  • Actress profile of Prapti Ghimire
  • Actress profile of Paru Gautam
  • Actress profile of Pooja Sharma
  • Actress profile of Pratima Rasaily
  • Actress profile of Priya Rijal

Update notes:
– Updated on October 9, 2014 – to add link to the profiles of actresses Pratima Rasaily, Pooja Sharma.
– Update on October 17, 2014 – Priya Rijal profile added
– Update on April 19, 2016 – Updated photo and links.

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