Top 10 Dashain 2016 Photos of Nepali actress


I have collected some of the best Nepali actress photos of the biggest Nepali festival, Dashain 2016. Top 10 Dashain photos: Sexy Dashain Photo (Ashika Tamang) Cute Dashain Photo (Sanchita Luitel) Chhaka Panja Dashain (Deepa Shree Niraula / Deepak Raj Giri) Simoultionus Tika (Pooja Chand and Saranga Shrestha) Sweta Khadka Tika Family Photo (Jiya KC…

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Sumina Ghimire is a mom of a cute little girl


One of the hottest actresses of the Nepali movie industry abruptly left the film industry after getting married in March of 2015. Soon after getting married she got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter in the end of the year, on December 25, 2015. The news of the childbirth remained unknown until I bumped…

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Sumina Ghimire marries Roshan Sapkota (video)


Actress Sumina Ghimire has married he boyfriend Roshan Sapkota in a program held in Kathmandu. A pilot by profession, Roshan, had met Sumina during the shooting of a music video filmed on him and Sumina. He had written and composed music of the song in which he had also modeled. The music video featuring the…

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Who is Sumina Ghimire pilot boyfriend ?


The pilot boyfriend of actress Sumina Ghimire with whom she is going to get married soon, is identified. Sumina’s future husband is named Roshan Sapkota. Roshan Sapkota had met Sumina Ghimire during the shooting of a music video. After the shooting they started dating and got close. A scene of a music video, Roshan Sapkota…

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Sumina Ghimire leaving film industry to marry a pilot


A bit more information about actress Sumina Ghimire‘s marriage is unveiled. According to rumors in the media and sources close to the actress, Sumina is planning to get married in Nepali new year. Sumina’s future husband is told to be a pilot. Sumina and her pilot boyfriend met during the shooting of a music video…

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Sumina Ghimire in marriage preparation?


UPDATE – Jan 1, 2014 – Sumina to marry a pilot. It has been quite a while since Sumina Ghimire has been seen in public. She didn’t even showed up during the release of her movie ‘Rang Baijani’. After the completion of the dubbing of her upcoming movie ‘Mala’, Sumina has told that she has…

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Rang Baijani actresses Garima and Sumina


One of the actresses of the movie released on Friday, ‘Rang Baijani’, Sumina Ghimire wasn’t present in the promotional program of the film on Sunday. While actress Garima Pant was present the absence of another actress was striking miss in the program. If rumors are to be believed, Sumina is not happy with the movie…

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Boyfriends of Nepali Actresses

hema shrestha with her boyfriend Raphael Tang

Actresses often change their boyfriends, so this post might need to be updated more often than another post listing husbands of Nepali actresses. The post on the husbands is updated when actresses marry or divorce their spouse. Expect more edits in this post about boyfriends. Some of these relationships are declared and others are rumored….

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Sumina says she is in love with a businessman


There was a time when Sumina Ghimire was the most talked about actress in the film industry. It seemed like she was going to be the top actress soon. But these days, Sumina isn’t talked about much. After a long time Sumina has talked to an online magazine. In the interview she told that the…

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Sumina Ghimire visa rejected by US Embassy


The US Embassy has rejected the visa application of actress Sumina Ghimire. Sumina was planning to participate in some programs to be held in the USA. In a report, Sumina hadn’t fulfilled the requirements to apply for the visa. The US Embassy has been a bit concerned on the visa of Nepali artists as many…

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