Has Poojana Pradhan started loving controversies?

It seems, the publicity she got for the hot bed scenes she offered in ‘Rakhsya’ was beneficial for Poojana Pradhan. That might be the reason, she has stated that she can get naked in movies in the story is good and the scenes is justified. While comparing the nudity in Hollywood movie ‘Titanic’, she told that she has no objection if the scene is not vulgar.

poojana bed Rakshya 01

Poojana’s journey into entertainment industry started with bikini-shot in Cybersansar a long time ago. The bikini shot introduced Poojana to the public. After that, she couldn’t do much to attract public attention. Poojana changed her name from Pradhan to Stri, started social work and orphanage, devoted herself in meditation and spiritualty but, none of these stuffs got as much media attention as the bed scenes in ‘Rakshya’.

It seems, Poojana has finally realized that shedding clothes is the best thing she can do. Poojana’s realization seem to come a bit late in her career. In the current time, there is a high chance that others might also be able to do it and they might also be better than Poojana.

Anyways, good luck Poojana!

poojana in shorts

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