10 facts about Keki Adhikari

Do you know the meaning of Keki Adhikari’s name. If you don’t know yet, watch the video at the end of this post. It is worth watching the video in which Keki explains the meaning of her name. Apart from that I am presenting the 10 facts you might not know about the actress of upcoming movie ‘Love Sasha’.

  1. Keki was born on Poush 3 in Kathmandu. Keki was the first child in their family. She has a younger brother.
  2. Keki’s father Badri Adhikari is a well known film director and is the principal of Bal Sirjana English Boarding School.
  3. Keki studied in their own school – Bal Sirjana school. She was one of the best students in the school, scoring 86% in SLC. She did her plus two in Himalayan Whitehouse College, Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) from Prime College, and MBA from Presidential College.
  4. As she was a good student, her father didn’t want Keki to enter the entertainment field. But, Keki started her career after participating in a dance reality show ‘Ghintang’ after completion of her Plus Two. When she wanted to start acting, she was allowed to work on the condition that she returns home before sunset.
  5. Keki’s first music video was of Migma Sherpa. She did her first advertisement for Close Up toothpaste. She debuted as a film actress in ‘Swor’.
  6. In free time she likes to travel. She also reads books or watch films. She likes social, motivational and feminist films. Keki’s favourite Hollywood actors are Natalie Portman and Leonardo DeCaprio. Bollywood artists are Kangana Renaut and Alia Bhatt. In Nepali film industry she likes Gauri Malla and Bipin Karki.
  7. Pokhara is her favourite destination and she also likes to go to Boudha sutpa. She prefers quite places and detests crowded places.
  8. Like everybody – she loves when somebody appreciates her. She gets irritated when people ask unrelated and unnecessary questions.
  9. When she is angry she keeps it to herself. When at home, she locks herself in her room. She can’t control the tears. She doesn’t like when she cries easily.
  10. Keki views everything from a positive aspects. She likes the people who are positive in thinking.

Now, the meaning of her name in her own voice :

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