Biography of Bipana Thapa

Nepali actress Bipana Thapa is considered one of the most successful actress in  Nepali movie industry. With more than 100 movies in her credit, Bipana was active in movies until she got married to an Indian national in 2008. After marriage she has given birth to a son and is out of lime light except for occasional appearance when she visits her parental home.


Apart from acting she was also into fashion designing business. She used to design her own costumes for her roles in movies.

Actress profile

  • Actress – Bipana Thapa
  • Born – August 29, 1977
  • Home Town – Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Height – 5 ft 5 in
  • Debut movie – Janmabhumi (1995)
  • Martial status – Married to Ashutosh Bhardwoj in 2008 (wedding party was held on April 27, 2008 at Hotel Annapurna)

After marriage, Bipana started living in Mathura, India with a family of 11. Bipana’s husband is the president of Mathura Congress, her uncle-in-law, Shyam Shundar Sharma is an ex-minister.

Bipana gave birth to her first child, a son, in 2009.


Bipana with her new-born son (Photo scanned from a newspaper)


Note: This list is not complete

Many of Bipana’s films are available to watch in full in xnepali. Profiles of the films featuring Jharana Thapa are also available in

  • 1995     Janmabhumi
  • 2000     Apsara
  • 1999     Nata Ragat Ko
  • 2000     Aago
  • 2001     Ke Bho Lau Na Ni
  • 2002     Mama Bhanja (as Bipna Thapa)
  • 2002     Mitini
  • 2002     Sahid Gate
  • 2002     Bakshis (as Bipna Thapa)
  • 2005     Nagad narayan (as shova vyoju)
  • 2005     Kahi Milan Kahi Bichod
  • xxxx     Izzatdaar
  • xxxx     Dhrarmaputra
  • xxxx     Nagad Narayan
  • xxxx    Timro Maya 99 Mero Maya 100
  • xxxx    Mato Bolcha
  • xxxx    Garib
  • xxxx    Shadyantra
  • xxxx    Mamaghar (guest role)
  • xxxx    Pardeshi
  • xxxx    Jiwandaan
  • xxxx    Muglan
  • xxxx    Doman
  • xxxx    Jiwan Rekha
  • xxxx    Khyal Khyalaima
  • xxxx    Mamata
  • xxxx    Shankar
  • xxxx    Pyari Bahini
  • xxxx    Arjun
  • xxxx    Gaule
  • xxxx    Indreni
  • xxxx    Manis
  • xxxx    Afno Manche
  • xxxx    Taa Ta Sarai Bigrish Ni Badri
  • 2010    Nishana


Bipana Thapa_march 2012_in_kathmandu

File photo of Bipana with her son when she was in Kathmandu in 2012, March

Hot photos of Bipana Thapa (photo credit

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Bipana_Thapa_actress (17)

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