Hot Actress Jiya KC hotter in Wrong Way

After two movies, ‘ATM’ and ‘Barbad‘ banned for being excessively sexual, Jiya KC, seem to be looking to make a hat-trick in such movies. In a promotion of her next movie ‘Wrong Way’, released recently, Jiya is featured in very sexual role.

jiya kc in wrong way

In one of the scenes in the promo video, Jiya is shown removing her undergarments and in another scene, a guy is shown removing her bra. The bed scenes shown in the promo also give a glimpse of what the movie is going to be like. A dialogue about girls in the promotion goes like, “Girls are like hot swimming pools in winter. You take off your clothes, jump in and swim the way you like.”

jiya kc in wrong way 2

The movie is directed by a noted director Deepak Shrestha. Jiya is also rumored to be having an affair with the director Deepak. In the past, the poster of the movie was found to be a photoshoped copy of a Hindi movie named ‘Mallika’.


Watch the promo video :

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