Actress Sushma Karki in Rekha Thapa's Kali

Nepali actress Sushma Karki is having a role in Rekha Thapa‘s upcoming movie ‘Kali’. The female oriented movie is the first movie she is doing alone after she divorced her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha. 

sushma Karki rekha thapa and rekha mother

Rekha is featured as a police officer in the movie and her mother is named as the producer of ‘Kali’. In the photos of Sushma shared by Rekha, Sushma looks like a housewife in red saree. There is high chance that Sushma is featured as an item girl in the movie. Details of the role of Sushma in the movie is not known yet.

sushma karki and rekha thapa and police gun

While Chhabi is finalizing his upcoming movie ‘Loafer’, Rekha is shooting her movie ‘Kali’ in full swing. After featuring Rekha in all of his movies for the last ten years, Chhabi has replaced Rekha by another actress actress, Rajani KC, in his upcoming movie ‘Loafer’.

It seems, the clash between these two movies of ex-husband and wife is going to be interesting.

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