Aditi Budhathoki, Biography of Kri actress, opposite to Anmol KC

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Model Aditi Budhathoki has been selected to be featured opposite to Anmol KC in his upcoming movie ‘Kri’. Anmol had signed in the movie for the largest amount to-date of Rs. 2 million. Aditi Budhathoki was selected in an audition held to choose the most probable actress for the movie. Aditi was selected from the pool of 30 applicants.

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Aditi Budhathoki Profile

  • Name – Aditi Budhathoki
  • Home Town – Damak, Jhapa
  • Current address – Sinamangal, Kathmandu / Mumbai
  • Occupation – Fashion model, Fashion blogger
  • Education – Bachelors in Information Technology
  • Movie debut – Kri (announced)
  • Birthday – June 28

10 Facts about Aditi Budhathoki:

As of 2016, Aditi is 24 years old, and is 5’ 5″ tall. Aditi’s favourite colour is red and golden. Aditi’s mother, Puspa Budhathoki, is a professional fashion designer. Aditi says she is inspired by Deepika Paudkone and Miranda Kerr.

Aditi is fitness conscious and takes care on what she eats. She is a pure vegetarian but she loves eating pizza. To keep herself fit, she does zumba and yoga 4 days in a week.


A photo of Aditi with her parents:

aditi budhathoki with her mother and father

After being selected for the role in ‘Kri’, Aditi wrote:

Hey everyone! I would like to make an announcement that I will be making my debut as an actress in an upcoming Nepali movie called ‘Cri’. (Don’t get shocked lol) Initially, I had no plans as such but after carefully thinking it through, I have finally decided to indulge in this new endeavor. To quote my mum, ‘You should always embrace and promote the Nepali film industry’. Therefore, I would really appreciate your love and support for this new chapter of my life.

After Aditi is featured in ‘Kri’, she will be the firth actress who debuted in Anmol KC’s movie opposite to him. In Anmol’s first movie, actress Prakriti Shrestha was features opposite to him. In his second movie, ‘Jerryy’, actress Aana Sharma was featured opposite to him. In his third movie, ‘Dreams’, actress Samragyee RL Sha debuted. In his fifth movie, ‘Gajalu’, Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha had debuted.

More details on Aditi Budhathoki will be updated in this biography page.

Hot Photos of Aditi Budhathoki

aditi budhathoki hot pose 2

aditi budhathoki hot transparent dress

aditi budhathoki nepaliactress

aditi budhathoki pink skirt

aditi budhathoki purple skirt

aditi budhathoki sexy pose


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