Keki Adhikari graduates, MBA degree in Human Resources Management

Nepali actress Keki Adhikari is one of the most educated actress in the Nepali film industry. She has recently completed her MBA degree.

Video report:

After graduating, Keki told about the struggle she had to go through to complete her studies while working full time as an actress. She said, “Against all odds, I overcame all the hurdles and crossed the finish line. This one is for myself.”

Keki had always been a good student. As her father, also a film director, runs a private school in Kathmandu, Keki had studied in her family school. She was always the top student in her class. The MBA thesis of Keki is related to the role of technicians in the making of a movie.

Nepali actress team congratulates Keki in the achievement and wish her a successful and bright future.

Keki was also one of the Top 5 actresses of 2072. Read more about Keki in the page -> Biography of Keki Adhikari.

keki adhikari graduates

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