Dashain Special – Sanchita Luitel

After marrying Nikhil Upreti and giving birth to two kids, the skin-thin actress Sanchita Luitel gained a lot of weight. The maximum weight she gained was 88 kgs. The mother of 2-years-old son and 1-year-old daughter has slimmed down a little now and currently weights 65 kg.

sanchita luitel -plump

Food is one of the major parts of Dashain festival but, Sanchita has decided to cut her consumption to slim down. She is not going to eat any meat during the festival. She will however eat sweet and paneer.

The best thing about Dashain for Sanchita is meeting with friends and families. To celebrate the festival Sanchita is planning to go to her hometown in Sarlahi. She has done shopping for the kids but, she still has to buy some stuffs for herself.

Of the past, Sanchita still remembers getting money from her father to buy new clothes during the festival. After she started working in movies and earn, she used to buy them herself. Sanchita is also waiting her husband Nikhil to come back from Mumbai this week. Nikhil Upreti is planning to start directing a Bollywood movie. The shooting of the movie is expected to start after Tihar.

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