Deepa Shree Niraula – Interview in E-Celebs

Comedy actress Deepa Shree Niraula is born to be an actress.

  • In 2060 BS Deepa Shree started ‘Tito Satya‘. In addition to the the serial she is also busy in ‘Dhaniya ki Duniya’.
  • She is also preparing new movie ‘Wada No. 6’.  She says, 6 number is a lucky number for her and the team.
  • She likes to visiting Hong Kong, Dubai. She appreciated the cities of UK and USA.
  • Favorite foods – she says that she likes everything. She is a vegetarian for the last 17-18 years. She also told that Deepak Raj Giri has recently become a vegetarian. She doesn’t like cooking.
  • Looking back – 22-years-long career is a result of struggle. She meet Deepak in Radio Nepal. Deepak and Deepa don’t quarrel much.
  • If she weren’t an artists she might have married and would have been a housewife.
  • About marriage – The unmarried artists , Shree Krishna Shrestha, and Mithila Sharma have married or are getting married soon. But, she don’t have any immediate plans.
  • When she was small – she used to be very mischievous child.

deepa shree niraula interview

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