Karishma daughter’s surprise plan left her surprised instead

The daughter of Karishma Manandhar, Kabita Manandhar, was planning to surprise her mother by arriving from the USA, unannounced on her Christmas vacation. But, the mother surprised the unsuspecting daughter by telling that, she won’t be home at the time of her arrival.

kabita manandhar with mother karishma manandhar

Kabita is schedule to arrive in Kathmandu on December 17. At that time, Karishma will leave for Qatar to participate in a cultural program to mark the New Year and the National Day of Qatar. The event will be held on December 18 and Karishma is scheduled to return back to Nepal on December 19.

We have no idea which route Kabita is returning, but if it were via Qatar, she could still surprise her mother by dropping by the cultural program.

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