Karishma dilemma – daughter’s birthday or Qatar program

Actress Karishma Manandhar is in a dilemma after realizing that the day she is flying to Qatar for a program is actually her daughter Kabita’s birthday. Kabita is coming home from the USA on the same day to celebrate the big day with her parents. Kabita is arriving home on December 17. On the same day, Karishma is leaving for Qatar.

kabita manandhar -

Karishma realized that the day was Kabita’s birthday only when the daughter called her. While Kabita is flying all the way from the USA to celebrate the birthday, Karishma is the main guest in the program being held in Qatar. Karishma is in a big dilema to choose between the Karishma fans in the event in Qatar and daughter Kabita’s birthday.

She still has a couple of weeks to make the decision. We will let you know what Karishma choose between the two.

karishma-manandhar-program-in-doha qatar_on december 17

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