Karishma Manandhar mother is sick

The mother of actress Karishma Manandhar is suffering from diabetes and blood pressure. When things didn’t improve, she has been admitted in the hospital.

karishma manandhar

Mother’s health condition has troubled Karishma. In a Facebook post, Karishma has told, "Mami, you will be all right. Good is great."

In the month of Shrawan Nepali women traditionally wear green glass bangles and temporary tattoos on their bodies. Many also fast on the first Monday of the month (July 21). Although Karkishma doesn’t believe in fasting, she likes wearing green bangles and mehandi (tattoo) in the month. But, this time she is more worried about her mother than fashion and attires.

We at Nepaliactress.com wish speedy recovery of Karishma’s mother.

karishma manandhar mom sick

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