Keki Adhikari – importance of shrawan month in Nepal

Actress Keki Adhikari is religious in Nature and she enjoys the traditional celebration of the Shrawan month. In the first Monday of Shrawan, Nepali women fast and worship lord Shiva. Read the importance and specialty of the celebration in Keki’s own words:

keki adhikari shrwawn month green

May be because Lord Shiva like green and yellow colors, tradition of wearing green bangles, mehandi and green attire. Every year I fast on the first Monday of Shrawan. I don’t eat non-vegetarian dish for the whole month. I feel inner peace on fasting and worshiping in the month. I have been following the tradition since I could remember.

We should learn to find happiness in small things. Shrawan month is one of them. I am happy that I don’t have any shooting in most of the month. Shooting schedule in the month falls towards the end of the months. So, I have a lot of free time to to to temple, fast and having fun.

Photo credit – Mahesh Pradhan

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