Karishma Mananhar breaks her ties with Gopi Krishna in producing Falgu

The comeback movie of Karishma Manandhar as a producer, ‘Falgu’ was initially announced to be the co-production of Karishma with Gopi Krishna Movies. But, within days after the film went to floor, the agreement between her and Gopi Krishna Movie has broken. A while ago, Gopi Krishna had announced seven different movies for this year and ‘Falgu’ was one of them.

karishma manandhar with kamal rai and samjhana

According to report, Karishma told that the ‘Falgu’ team had become capable of taken the full production to itself and didn’t need the support of Gopi Krishna Movies. She also added that the story has also been modified such that Gopi Krishna Movies wasn’t comfortable working in it. Karishma however added that there are chances that she might be working with Gopi Krishna Movies in the future.

The movie ‘Falbu’ being directed by Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar, also features Karishma with Shilpa Pokharel, Rajesh Hamal, Gauri Malla, Subash Parajuli and others. The movie is being shot in Birgunj and area. It is reported that Samjhana is responsible in the breakup with Gopi Krishna.

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