Loafer initial report – Rekha’s Kali did better opening

In an initial report, Chhabi Raj Ojha’s movie ‘Loafer’ is not attracting audience as expected on the first day of the show. According to the initial analysis, if Rekha’s ‘Kali’ and Chhabi’s ‘Loafer’ were released on the same day, as was announced previously, ‘Kali’ would have easily steal the lime lights.

loafer miss rekha

‘Kali’ enjoyed houseful opening and it turned out to be a super hit movie of 2070. Being released during Dashain festival might have contributed to the success of ‘Kali’ but, Rekha’s star value on movies can’t be denied.

Chhabi has started the shooting of another movie without Rekha – ‘Lazza’. The movie is introducing another actress – Shilpa Pokharel. Aryan Sigdel, the actor of ‘Loafer’ and Chhabi’s upcoming ‘Lazza’, was introduced by Rekha Films. It’s a coincidence – among Aryan’s movies only the movie under Rekha Films banners were successful. These days, Rekha is not in good terms with Aryan.

‘Loafer’ success or failure can’t be predicted by the first day alone, but one thing is sure, Rekha is a lucky charm for Chhabi.

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