Rekha's Kali and Rajani's Lofar – Mehandi war

Ex-husband and wife Chhabi Raj Ojha and actress Rekha Thapa are going to clash with their movies ‘Loafer’ and ‘Kali’ respectively in Dashain. On Shrawan 1st, the day Nepali people apply mehandi on their hands, both ‘Kali’ actress Rekha Thapa and  ‘Loafer’ actress Rajani KC wrote their respective movie’s name on their hand. Rekha simply wrote Kali on her right hand while, Rajani gave an artistic touch around the name.

lofar and kali - mehandi war - rekha thapa and rajani kc

With these kinds of competition on promoting the movie, the clash between ‘Kali’ and ‘Loafer’ might be getting more interesting as the release date nears. We hope, they will give more artistic twists in the promotion of their movies.

Rajani KC is debuting as an actress in ‘Loafer’. Rajani is rumored to replace Rekha in Chhabi’s other movies (and, some even go as far Rajani replacing Rekha in Chhabi’s life).

Although the competition is good for the viewers, it might not be good for the film makers themselves. Even if both the movies are made good, the viewers are divided in two parts and the business hence gets halved.

Rekha thapa kali mehandi

rajani kc lofar mehandi

We had previously posted the personal profiles of actress Rekha Thapa and actress Rajani KC.

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  1. Are Rajani KC is new comer ho ni rekha thapa paka vayera pani new manche ko copy garne ho ta? rekha je
    bhai bahini ko copy nagarnu aafno naya pan layaunu hola ni

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