Nepali Actress – Anshu Maharjan (hatti)

Actress Anshu Maharjan is known as ‘Hatti’ after her role in popular comedy television serial, ‘Jire Khursani’. The television actress is funny and is creative in performing her role.

Here are few photos of the actress:

Anusha_Maharjan_hatti_in_jire_khursani (3)

Anusha_Maharjan_hatti_in_jire_khursani (1)

Anusha_Maharjan_hatti_in_jire_khursani (9)Here is Anshu’s Facebook page.

UPDATE : More photos of Anshu

anshu maharjan

anshu maharjan 2

Anshu with Deepa Shree Niraula

anshu maharjan with deepashree niraula

Anshu with Raj Acharya

anshu maharjan with raj acharya

Anshu with her co-actor in Jire Khursani Shiva Hari Poudel

anshu maharjan with shivahari poudel

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