Nepali actresses Nandita KC and Garima Panta to be featured in Nepali movie Parai

Nepali actress Nandita KC and Garima Pant are the leading character in the upcoming movie ‘Parai’. Although Nandita and Garima have been acting in Nepali movies for a long time, a hit movie is what they are waiting for to keep them relevant in the crowd of actresses in the movie industry.

garima pant

‘Parai’ is directed by noted director Shiva Regmi and the movie also features actor Niraj Baral with the actresses. Niraj is Mr. University International 2006 title winner.

nandita kc (2)

The movie produced by Gobinda Shahi is made on a typical Nepali environment. The director says that the movie is clean and family friendly movie. ‘Parai’ is releasing in theater on Bhadra 21 (September 6, 2013).

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