Nisha Adhikari tells story of a woman bitten by a snake

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari is currently busy shooting the movie on martyr Bhimdutta Pant. The movie titled ‘Bhimdutta’ is being shot in his home area in Western Nepal. While returning from a shooting location, Nisha witnessed a woman beaten by a snake.

nisha adhikari and director Himgyap Tasi eating

The following text is copied from her Facebook on the incident:


A woman got bit by a snake while we were returning from our shoot. She was carried 10 min uphill by my crew and rushed to the hospital along with the snake which my AD had caught with his hand wrapped with just a plastic! We had to wait for the doctor for 10 minutes which seemed endless with the woman’s cramps and sufferings. My crew members finally had to almost drag him out of his room where he was apparently busy in Facebook.

After her situation stabilized we returned content and at peace. But, we were shaken to our core and it reminded me how vulnerable we are and how foolishly we spend our lives in mere negativities… when it can end anytime…!

It gives me a chill when I think of how we passed the same trail minutes ahead of her!  Our prayers are with her and family.


Photos by Nisha:

woman being treated for snake bite

snake bite

snake that bit the woman

Photo and story credits – Nisha Adhikari

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