Rekha Thapa lies again, says she is still a virgin

Actress Rekha Thapa loves to say controversial statements and they usually are lies. The latest (but, not the new one) is that she is still a virgin. That was during the premier of movie ‘Adhi Bato’. Both Rekha and her ex-husband Chhabi were present at the ceremony but, they didn’t even looked at each other during the event.

rekha thapa speaking in an event

Although Rekha and producer Chhabi Raj Ojha spent 10-years-long married life, Rekha didn’t give birth to any child. In a number of interview she had expressed her desire to be a mother and Chhabi not being ready for children. When they divorced, Rekha started telling that they weren’t married at all. All that time they were only having a a living-together relationship.

Even if one buys ‘living-together’ statement, ‘virgin’ statement is an outright lie. During the Valentine Day Rekha also told about an extra-marital affair. It’s no secret, every statements Rekha makes should be taken with a grain of salt. We are wondering, what is Rekha trying to prove by saying that she is still a virgin. May be a new marriage is coming in a horizon. There are rumors that Rekha is having an affair with one of the actors of her upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’.

rekha thapa with samjhana upreti and

Photo – Rekha Thapa with ‘Maun’ director Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar and Basanta Raymajhi

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