Rista Basnet hospitalized on Deepawali

In a Facebook post, actress Rista Basnet has shared a photo of her in hospital. She wrote, “And, this was my Deepawali (Laxmi puja). There’s nothing to do with your excitements and plans until your luck favors you. Prepared it, made it and finally hospitalized.”

In the photos Rista shared, she is give IV through one of her hands.

rista basnet hospitalized

Rista has also shared the rangoli she had prepared for the celebration of Deepawali.

rista basnet rangoli

rista basnet laxmi puja room

Although she is unwell and recovering in the hospital, Rista has also wished a blessed Tihar to everybody.

No details of the type of illness or the treatment is available now. On behalf of the Nepaliactress team, I wish speedy recovery of Rista.

According to Rista’s mother actress Bipana Basnet, Rista had suddenly collapsed. The doctors haven’t diagnosed what had happened. I will update this post as soon as the details arrive. Stay tuned.

rista basnet at hospital on deepawali

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