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Last updated on April 15th, 2016 at 08:50 pm

Actress Shashi Shrestha is debuting in upcoming movie ‘Hostel Returns’. Although the movie is a sequel of hit movie ‘Hostel’, there is no link between the two versions of the movie. While ‘Hostel’ was made on the story of the students of a medical college, ‘Hostel Returns’ is made on the story of engineering students. That is the reason, no actors of ‘Hostel’ are repeated in ‘Hostel Returns’. You can watch ‘Hostel Returns’ here in xnepali site.

shashi shrestha

Shashi wasn’t interested in acting before being featured in ‘Hostel Returnes’. Now, after doing the movie, she is positive towards continuing acting in movies.

We will update this post in future with the profile and more details on the actress.

Video interview of the actress:

Photosession of Shashi Shrestha and Sunil Shrestha:

shashi shrestha and sushil shrestha (3)

shashi shrestha and sushil shrestha (1)

shashi shrestha and sushil shrestha (2)

Faecbook profile –

The profile of another ‘Hostel Return’ actress, profile of Swastima Khadka was posted earlier.

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