Biography of Sirjana Subba, sex toys are better than changing partners

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Actress Sirjana Subba is known as the bold actress in Nepali film industry. She entered the Nepali film industry through theater. Talking to a weekly, the actress of ‘Loot’ and ‘Uma’ says that she is pro sex-toy. Sauanya told, "Instead of changing partner and be exposed to sex related diseases, using sex toy is a better option."

sirjana Subba

She added, love and sex are close things. She also compared love and sex with the nail and the skin underneath. She told that these issues shouldn’t be considered a taboo.

Sirjana Subba Profile

  • Name – Sirjana Subba
  • Hometown – Urlabari, Morang
  • Profession – Media person, theater actress, film actress, model
  • Daily routine – Wakes up at 5 AM, goes to aerobic, drinks tea and breakfast, goes to work and it is usually acting rehearsal.
  • Free time – Reads autobiography and novels

Sirjana had always wanted to be an actress. She says that her home had a theater environment. Her uncles and aunts used to act and direct plays. She started as a mediaperson in Himshikhar Television in 2010. These days she is more involved in theater acting and films. Music video modeling and advertisement modeling also keep her busy.

Sirjana has been active in theater since 2062 BS. She had also worked as an actress and manager of Mandala Theater for the last two years.

Sirjana considers ‘Maila dot com’ and ‘Umbuglyandko Muthbhed’ as the best plays of hers, so far. She is also planning to start a Montessori school.

Sirjan’s statements about herself (from ‘Naari’ monthly):

sirjana subba in naari

Hot photos of Sirjana Subba

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