Sumitra Acharya and JBKC producer blackmailed by fake video leaks

Debut actress of upcoming release ‘Jung Bahadur Ko Coat’, Sumitra Acharya and the producer Yogendra Khadka have been blackmailed in Australia by creating fake videos. In one of the two videos, the producer is seen playing with himself while having video chat with a woman in Skype. In another video, her husband Niranjan Baskota is doing the same while having a video chat. There were reports (links to xnepali) assuming the videos to be genuine. But Sumitra and Yogendra have claims that the videos are fake.

Watch video report:

yogendra facebook status

These videos were leaked in fake Facebook pages created in the name of Sumitra and Yogendra. According to Yogendra, the blackmailer had asked $2,000 for the video. When he refused to pay the amount, the blackmailer had leaked them online in Facebook and Youtube.

Now, all the videos have been removed and the fake Facebook accounts are also deactivated.

suchitra acharya

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