Rekha says, the affair with Sudarshan was a publicity stunt

Our suspicion on the breakup of Sudarshan and Rekha has turned out to be true. In an interview, Rekha has claimed that that they had faked the affair. Rekha however didn’t mention about Sudarshan’s divorce following the affair.

In an interview with Shukrabar weekly actress Rekha Thapa has told that the affair with Sudarshan Gautam was a publicity stunt of the movie ‘Himmatwali’. She told that affair rumors are created to promote the movies. She also remembers the affair rumors with ‘Kismat’ debut actor Aryan Sigdel. She told that the idea was of a journalist and she agreed to spread the rumor.


Rekha said that she had to help and feed Sudarshan in the sets of ‘Himmatwali’ because he doesn’t have hand. And she also kicked out the director Shyam Bhattarai. That was how the affair rumor started.

Before starting ‘Himmatwali’ Sudarshan was a fan of his wife Ambika. He reportedly divorced her in 2014. Watch the following interviews were taken in 2013 and 2014:

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