Sushmita KC says, Anmol KC was born out of Wedlock

The news about Bhuwan KC’s ex-wife and Anmol KC’s mother, Sushmita KC, marriage may sound like a sudden and unexpected incident. But, that is not a case. The marriage has been planned for at least half-a-decade. In 2014, I wrote about their marriage (read the post – Sushmita marrying an Indian). At that time, it was reported that the guy was “Sohan Jaiswal”. Now, it is Killan Swamy. There is a high probability that they are are the same person.

Latest news, video report:

According the the current news, Sushmita KC’s future husband Killan Swamy is a Fiji born Australian of Indian origin. He is a businessman in Australia. There were report that Sushmita’s debut film production was the result of the investment of the businessman. Sushmita had registered a film production company named Anmol Creation and produced the first film ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hoon’. The movie announced in 2015 was released in 2016. The box office collection of the film however was a disaster.

Anmol was born out of wedlock

Sushmita is known to react to incidents very fast and try to correct her mistakes in her leisure. In her social media posts, Sushmita writes controversial things and deletes them afterwards.

With life, she has done the same. Susmita fell in love with Bhuwan KC and started living with him. It was only after she got pregnant, she realized that she need to get married. At the time she married Bhuwan KC, Anmol was already born. So, Anmol was born out of wedlock.

Right after marriage, Sushmita decided that they weren’t made for each other. She used to run away from home back to her parent’s home in Darjeeling. That went on for a few years. Bhuwan KC says that, Sushmita divorced him when Anmol was only 5-years-old.

But, right after the official divorce, Susmita went back to live with Bhuwan KC. They were in-and-out of the relationship until Sushmita found another person.

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