8 actresses who married an already married man

The following video lists eight actresses who had married previously married men. The list include Sharmila Malla, Rekha Thapa, Saujanya Subba, Sanchita Luitel, Mithila Sharma, Simpal Khanal, Pooja Chand and Sushmita KC. Every actress has her own story of getting married. Watch the video report :

Sharmila Malla’s husband Krishna Malla had married three women before marrying Sharmila. After marrying Sharmila Krishna Malla stopped marrying more and they are living together for the last 30 years. Actress Rekha Thapa was also the third wife of Chhabi Raj Ojha. These days, Chhabi and Rekha have separated and are living alone.

Actress Saujanya Subba’s previous marriage was unsuccessful and she married Bhupen Chand. Similar case was in case of Simpal Khanal who married a Pakistani businessman living in the UK. Actress Pooja chand had also divorced her previous husband and has recently married a musician Raju Lama. She has also changed her name from Pooja Chand to Pooja R Lama.

Actress Sushmita KC married Bhuwan KC and divorced later. Sushmita and Bhuwan are the parents of the well known actor of the current time, Anmol KC. Mithila Sharma married a 74 years old Ex-Inspector General of Police, Moti Lal Bohara in 2014. Mithila had remained unmarried till her 50 to marry Bohara after the death of his wife.






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