Actress Binita Baral appreciated for organic farming startup

When Nepali actress Binita Baral shared the photos of herself working in the farms she is being appreciated by everybody for her efforts and dedication. In one of the photos she is seen ploughing the field using a tractor.

binita-baral-supervising-land-preparation - organic farming

The first impression people gets when they see the photos like the one above is that it might be a photo of a movie shooting. It would certainly make a good scene in a movie but, it’s not a shooting but a real work Binita is doing in field.

Binita and the team has rented 3 ropani area in Tokha for the next 10 years and she has started organic farming business. She says, "People think going to USA for work or start restaurant business or doing a computer work is a better job than farming. But, farming is not less attractive."


After starting working in the field Binita has enjoyed and learnt a lot. Now she is not afraid of snakes and earthworms. She also found that working in field saves her from going to the gym for workout.

Good job Binita. Keep the good work going!!

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