Actress Sirjana Thapa quotes Rs. 80 lakh to do 'any type of scene'

A actress and model, Sirjana Thapa, has done done few movies, some telefilms and some music videos. In an interview she told that she is willing to do any type of movies for money. For as much as Rs. 8 million, she is willing to do any type of scenes in movies. It is clear, ‘any type of scene’ indicates a highly sexual scene. 

sirjana thapa using a pole

Well, 8 million might be a bit high rate for an actress when whole movies are made on amount less that her rate. But it means, she is ready for bargain and we can expect her to do such scenes in movies for a lot less amount.

At the time when Nepali movies are not doing business and sex theme haven’t helped on the popularity of movies, we don’t think Sirjana’s statement about her rate make much difference. We suspect, the statement might be an advertisement of her behind the scene business.

sirjana Thapa model

Sirjana’s movies ‘The Real Artist’ and ‘Dosh Kasko’ are ready for release and another movie, ‘Prem Shakti’ is told to be in post-production. It is yet to be seen how promising she is as an actress and if she is worth the amount she is demanding.

 srijana-thapa hot pose

Photo credit -  Navaraj Wagle and Facebook

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