Arunima Lamsal relocating to the USA

Last updated on October 14th, 2017 at 03:51 am

After giving birth to the daughter, actress Arunima Lamsal found it really tough to get back into acting. Now, she must be happy to be moving to the USA with her family. In a latest report, Arunima’s family has obtained the Green Card in the USA. Arunima, her husband and her daughter are reportedly planning to head towards USA soon. In the report, most of the family members in her husband Amit Aryal’s side are in the USA.

arunima lamsal with her daughter

After debuting in ‘Yestai Rahecha Jindagi’ more than a decade ago, Arunima has acted in more than 50 Nepali movies. The actress’ attempt of re-entry after giving birth to her daughter in 2011 was met with resistance. Although she got opportunity in a couple of movies, they didn’t lead to more movies. Arunima’s mother Bhabu Lamsal is also a well known actress in character role in Nepali movies.

In 2012 Arunima and her husband went to the USA for a visit. There is a possibility that the couple had started the application process at that time.

Other actresses currently waiting for their green card application are Richa Ghimire, Ranjana Sharma and Usha Poudel. Actresses like Yuna Upreti, Pooja Chand, Saranga Shrestha, Sajja Mainali, are currently living permanently in the USA. Actress Gauri Malla had recently returned back and Karishma Manandhar had returned back from the USA a while earlier.

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