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Actress Usha Poudel to be featured in a Bollywood movie

After struggling for the last three years in Mumbai, Nepali actress Usha Poudel has finally landed in a Bollywood flick. The actress is going to be featured opposite to Ankur Bikal – an actor of Oscars winner ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. The […]

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Actress Usha Poudel’s lesson from Mumbai

It has been about three years Nepali actress Usha Poudel had been struggling and making a career in Mumbai. She left Nepal after the completion of the shooting of Nepali movie ‘Kasam’. In the initial six months she struggle learning […]

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Bar dancer Nepali actresses

Actresses featured in this article are: Priya Rizal Poojana Pradhan (Poojana Stri) Ranjita Gurung Samjhana Budhathoki Sashi Khadka Sima KC Suvekshya Thapa Usha Poudel **Note** – We DON’T mean to say that bar dancing is bad. But, acting training, dance […]

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