Jharana Bajracharya marries her boyfriend

In August last year we told that actress Jharana Bajracharya had found a new boyfriend, Rahul Agarwal. Now, the latest news is that she has actually married Rahul in a secret wedding ceremony held in Kathmandu. The wedding was a traditional Nepali marriage ceremony among close friends and family of Jharana and Rahul. After the marriage ceremony, a reception was also held in Soaltee Hotel.

A video report:

A day after the marriage, on March 13, Jharana turned 34 years old.

Rahul and Jharana are in their honeymoon tour across Nepal. After living in Pokhara for a day they have headed towards Jomsom.

Jharna is planning to live in Malaysia and has also started her meditation training center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Happy belated birthday to Jharana and congratulation to Jharana and Rahul for the wedding from NepaliActress.com team.

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