Ashma DC and Samyam Puri break up

The Nepali movie ‘Aavash’ was released in theater today with a couple of other movies – ‘Tathastu’ and ‘Alvida’. In addition to the film story of the movie ‘Aavash’ there is an additional love story related to the film. In addition to being in relationship in the film, the ‘Aavash’ couple – Samyam Puri and Ashma DC  were actually in love relationship in real life. But, in the press-meet of the film on Wednesday, Ashma admitted that they are no longer in relationship.

ashma dc and samyam puri in aavash

It had been a while since the insiders in the film sector had noticed the distance between Samyam Puri and Ashma. Ashma confirmed the rumor publicly. She however added that they are “still good friends” and they have parted their ways on “mutual understanding”. According to Ashma, they are planning to get more focused in career.

After the announcement, Ashma praised the talent and hard-working nature of Samyam. She also told, “Samyam is a good person. There is still chance of patch-up. Who knows the future.” Our best wishes for the patch-up!

ashma dc and samyam puri

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