Barsha Siwakoti, Biography of a Nai Nabhannu La 2 actress

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A new actress, Barsha Siwakoti, is featured in the sequel of ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ film – ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’. Although Barsha Siwakoti is featured in a short role in the movie, she has made an impression by her acting skills and her beauty. Barsha’s acting has been appreciated by the movie viewers and after the movie, Barsha was offered a lot of offers to work in music videos.

A video biography of Barsha Siwakoti:

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At the time of the writing this post (in April 2014) Barsha had recently signed a Sarita Prajapati’s music video ‘Samjhanalai Jali Rumal…’ The music video was directed by a journalist, Bidhan Karki. Although the music video is a debut work of the director, Barsha was featured in a couple of music videos before this music video.

Barsha Siwakoti Profile

  • Name – Barsha Siwakoti
  • Birthday – N/A
  • Birthplace – Biratnagar (childhood in Kathmandu)
  • Home – Kathmandu, Sitapaila
  • Education – Asian Public School (SLC), White House (+2), Apex College (BBA)

After the success of ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3’, Barsha was featured in Pashupati Prasad (Read about Barsha’s role in Pashupati Prasad’). The movie was also a super hit movie. Barsha was also featured in another hit movie ‘Lappan Chhapan’.

Although both the movies of Barsha were super hit, Barsha however didn’t get much credit. She was featured in a short roles in both the movie. Although she had done a very good acting in both of them, all the credit went to other artists. The movie ‘Subba Sab’ is considered the first movie in which Barsha Siwakoti was featured in leading role.

In addition to beauty and talent, Barsha is known to be very choosy when signing up new movies. She had left ‘Mero Paisa Khoi’ after the production team didn’t share the script. Later the director of the movie, an Indian director, left the movie halfway, deleting all the scenes shot for the movie.

These days, Barsha is considered one of the most busy actress in music videos. She was also nominated for the best music video model in the 2017 edition of Music Khabar Music Award along with Keki Adhikari and Khusbu Khadka (Read more about Music Khabar Music Award nomination).

(Childhood photo of Barsha Siwakoti)


– Nai Nabhannu La 2 (2014)
– Pashupati Prasad (2016)
– Subba Sab (2016)
– Lappan Chhapan (2017)
– Bhaire (2018) – to release in 2018
– Rani Mahal (2018) – Announced

Hot photos of Barsha Siwakoti

barsha siwakoti (5)

barsha siwakoti (3)

A music video of Barsha Siwakoti:

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  2. She is beauty and talent so I believe in her, she will be a success actress & model in future. wishing her all the best.

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